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Englis News
An evening of words and music in Montreal

Actas : Englis News

An evening of words and music in Montreal
Patrick Hutchinson


La Petite Gaule

rue 2525 Centre

metro Charlevoix


Friday August 12th, at 8pm.

Admission is $5.00.


Mots-dits/musique is an evening of words and music featuring Endre Farkas, Elias Letelier, and Swift Years, which will happen at La Petite Gaule (2525 Centre, metro Charlevoix) on Friday August 12th, at 8pm. Admission is $5.00. For more information, call (514) 931-1919. 


Endre Farkas and Elias Letelier
Endre Farkas:  Canadian poet.

Born in Hungary and escaped with his parents during the 1956 uprising. He has been published in Canada, United States, Australia, Hungary, and his poetry has been translated into French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Turkish. His most recent book of poetry is In The Worshipful Company of Skinners.


Elias Letelier-Ruz:  Chilean poet.

Born in Chile in 1957.  After the coup in which Augusto Pinochet overthrew the democratically-elected socialist government on September 11th 1973 he joined the underground resistance, during which time he directed workers’ literary workshops. He has been published in Canada, United States, Germany, México, Chile and his poetry has been translated into Arab, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Turkish. Most recently, he has worked as the literary editor of www.poetas.com (the electronic and paper cooperative publishing house of the Anti-Imperialist Poets of Latin America) and published Canto a un Prisionero, an anthology of over 100 poets in solidarity with Turkish political prisoners.


Swift Years cook up a potent blend of roots

from the old and new worlds,

served with hot sauce and lyrics

both sweet and sour.


Patrick Hutchinson; Suzanne Ungar; Bob Cussen
Bob Cussen :  mandolin & Banjo.       

Born in Montreal of German/Hungarian descent.  Founding member and leader of the White River Bluegrass Band  which toured extensively through Canada, the U.S.A. and Europe for ten years.  1985 U.S. Midwest Irish Banjo Champion.  Has recorded with Plume Latraverse, The McGarrigles, Garolou, Ian Tamblyn, Lawrence Lepage, Claude Lafrance and for the National Film Board.  Produced several recordings and toured with The Immigrants (also known as Nobody You Know) from 1992- 1999.


Patrick Hutchinson : guitars.   

Born, Yes!  Raised in England and in Scotland.  Lives in Montreal since 1978.  Played with Reggae/Ska group Top Ranking in the early 1980's.  One half of the R&B/Folk  Bare Bones (1989-1995) who toured across Canada, produced several albums and opened shows for such as Procol Harum, Johnny Clegg and Savuka and Ani Difranco among others.


Suzanne Ungar : bass.     

Born in Budapest, Hungary.  Lived in Europe and California before establishing herself in Montreal.  Studied piano and classical guitar before concentrating on the electric bass.  Part of the Montreal folk scene in the 1970's.  Has performed with the Jay Sewall Blues Band and the Celtic trio Anam Cara.  Member of the folk/rock group Harlequin for a number of years as well as the R&B/pop group Random Hush.  Has performed and recorded with the New York artist, Barbara Lewis and also the Irish/Gaelic artist, Beverley McGuire.

Patrick Hutchinson.  "An evening of words and music in Montreal."  Poetas de Chile: Catastro de la Generación Nacida en el 50. Ed. Hans Schuster & Elías LetelierOttawa: Editorial Poetas Antiimperialistas de América, 2005   Aug 11, 2005.
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